Read, Save, Share, Repeat

Content marketing is both an art and a science; it starts and ends with data, but content is the magic in the middle. Citrine Marketing utilizes data and industry trends to inform strategy and distribution tactics, but we are masters of the “magic in the middle.” 


Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is the practice of creating and distributing content with the end goal of attracting new customers. In order to execute successful content marketing, it's vital to have a documented strategy that considers the whole process—not just the creation of content. 

Citrine Marketing builds custom content marketing strategy based on your brand goals, target audience, content trends, SEO tactics and more. We identify and utilize additional forms of marketing that will maximize the impact of content marketing, including social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing and video marketing. 



Custom Content Creation

Once we've built out the content marketing strategy, it's time to get to the fun part: content creation. 

We are masters in content creation; regardless of the format, we develop branded content that entertains, educates and engages your audience. 

Citrine Marketing specializes in creating content for all of the stages of the customer lifecycle. We produce articles, blog posts, infographics, listicles, ebooks, white papers, quizzes, videos and more.


Content Publishing & Distribution

We do all the work for you—end to end. Content publishing is a time-consuming, detail-oriented element in the content marketing strategy. From keyword optimization to ethical link building, we make sure it's done right.

If content is king, distribution is queen. Content is only useful if it gets to right person at the right time, making distribution a crucial element in a successful content marketing strategy. 

Citrine Marketing utilizes a variety of distribution tactics to get your content into the hands of your customers and potential customers. Some of the distribution methods we most commonly use are SEO, social media, programmatic advertising, influencer marketing and email marketing.